Hebrew Names

Surprisingly, the number one search engine draw to my blog is people searching for information about Hebrew names and how to choose one. I decided that I should put all my Hebrew name-related posts in one place to make this information more user-friendly! Posts are listed in an order that made sense to me.

Good luck!

What Is a Hebrew Name and What Does It Do?
How to Choose a Hebrew Name
Does the Rabbi Choose My Hebrew Name?
Your English Name Can also Be Your Hebrew Name!
Hebrew Letters Are Numbers Too!


  1. My Hebrew name is Zehava. I am a Sephardi Orthodox convert. I did not pick my name. In our esnoga our Rabbis pray about our names and then unanimously decide on them. Not the we have a lot of converts, but those of us who are converts love our names. Each congregation has it's own traditions, I suppose. I am so happy to be Sephardi Orthodox! I am also very pleased to have found your web site today:)

  2. I remember choosing mine. My cousin and I played with the baby name generators for awhile. I finally found a list with the meanings beside it. I saw Eliana, and I was hooked! I added Hadassah a month and a half later. I can't wait until it's official and on paper. Yet again, that means I will be done with nursing school, which is a double yay!

  3. first of all, as a orthodox convert (zionist yeshivish with chassidic touch) for more than 25 years and european, i really appreciate this website and your work. i definitely feel comfortable to recommend it to some of my friends.
    since my non jewish name was friedrich/fritzi it was more than logic that i would choose a very close name to this so i chooseD EFRAIM. i also loved the name IZCHAK. at beginning i thought it was possible to take EFRAIM BEN IZCHAK but this wasnt an option so i took EFRAIM IZCHAK BEN AVRAHAM,

    yshar koach and behaltzlacha for your further work.

    shana tova and chag sameach.

  4. First of all, thank you for your posts. Both my husband and I are still in the early stages of conversion and your posts are very helpful. My husband's middle name and our surname is already Jewish so he only needs to decide on a first name. I have already chosen mine - Yiska Eliana based upon their meanings. I would be interested to know what you think about my choices as I value your opinion. Thanks in advance!