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Welcome! If you haven't been to this blog before, here are the posts that I think will be most helpful for you to start with. Think of this as your toolbox. Posts are listed alphabetically, so posts covering similar topics may be in different places. It will be updated every few months. Note that posts were written to the best of my knowledge at the time written.

A Second Conversion: What About Your Mezuzot?!
After Conversion...What Next?An "Acceptable" Jewish Community as a Requirement of Conversion
Are You a Dog Owner (Or an Aspiring Dog Owner)?
Being Orthodox Is Expensive!
A Blessing for Converts
Beware Bullying
Can Yirat Shemayim Make You Neurotic?
Can You Buy a Conversion?
Changing from Jeans-and-T-Shirts to Skirts-and-Sleeves
Conversion Candidates and Dating Websites
Conversion from the Rabbis' Perspective
Conversion Is Like Falling in Love
Conversion Is Permanent!
Converting Before Graduating College?
Converting with Children from a Prior Relationship
Discouraging the Conversion Candidate
Do Nice Guys Convert Last?
Does Anyone "Fail" the Beit Din?
Don't Ignore Red Flags
Don't Read the Book "Becoming Jewish"
Exposing the Emotional Abuse of Conversion Candidates
The Factors to Consider When Choosing to Convert
"Funny, She Doesn't Look Druish"
Gift Ideas for Someone's Conversion
Having Jewish Nightmares?
The Hidden Costs of Orthodoxy
"How Do I Know If You're Sincere or Not?"
How Jewish Geography Will Trap You
How to Beat Jewish Geography
How to Celebrate Your Conversion
How to Choose a Minhag
How to Choose a Time Between Meat and Dairy
How to Clean Candle Wax
How to Conquer the Yetzer Hara
"How Did You Know You Were Ready to Convert?"
How to Interview a New Jewish Community
How to Learn to Speak "Frum"
How to Listen to a Shiur
How to Make Button Shirts Tznius
How to Make Cholent
How to Prepare for Your First Beit Din Meeting
How to Walk a Dog on Shabbat
If Only an Orthodox Conversion Is "Good Enough" for You, Don't Get a Liberal Conversion
The Importance of a Good Support System
In Defense of the Conversion Candidate in a Relationship
Is an Orthodox Conversion Faster If You Have a Prior Conversion?
Is "Rebuking" a Stranger Ever Appropriate in Public?
Is There a Stigma Against Converts?
Meeting with a Beit Din: What If You "Go Blank"?
Menstrual Cycles and the Conversion Mikvah
The Monster that Orthodox Conversion Has Become
The Non-FFB Inferiority Complex
Nullifying Conversions vs. Questioning Conversions
Prioritizing a Jewish Life
The Problem with Chumrahs
Psychological Testing: The Growing Trend in Conversions
Read Before Drinking Wine
Read Before Going to Your First Shabbat Dinner
The Reverse Bucket List: An Unlikely Tool to Combat Conversion Frustration
Social Strategies for the Isolated Conversion Candidate
Survival Kit: Living Without Kosher Restaurants
Shabbat Games Aren't Just for Kids Anymore
The Stereotypical "Shell" Look (for women)
The Strength of the Convert
Temporary Solutions When You Live Outside the Jewish Community
There ARE Double Standards. Get Used to It.
Things Rabbis Are NOT
Types of Knowledge Required for a Conversion
Useful Website: Jew or Not Jew?
Want to Convert Chabad?
We're Not Properly Educating Conversion Candidates
What If You Don't Agree with a Mitzvah?
What Is the Deal with Piercings?
What Is the Deal with Tattoos?
What Is the Deal with Vegetarians and Vegans?
What Is the Ideal Conversion Process?
What Needs to Be Done Immediately After Your Conversion?
What NOT to Do When You "Frum Out"
What to Do If You Question the Validity of Your Conversion
What to Do When You're Craving Treif
What to Wear to the First Beit Din Meeting
What You Can Bring to a Kosher Meal
When Is It OK to Say "I'm Jewish," Even If You Really Aren't?
When You NEED to Reveal Your Conversion Candidate Status
Why I Love the Mechitza
Why Insincere Conversion Candidates Matter
Why Not Be a Noachide?
Why on Earth Would Someone Convert to Judaism?
Why We Might Be Crazy After All
Why You Need to Live Close to Shul
Why You Should Never Call Someone (or Yourself) a Shiksa
Why You Shouldn't Date During Conversion
You Can't Hide that You're a Convert
You Need a Support System

Updated March 30, 2014

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  1. Good day,

    I want to complete an Orthodox conversion, I have been for interviews with the conversion Rabbi. My great great grandmother was Jewish, but it is from my grandfathers side. I believe if you can prove that you have a Jewish grandparent, you can make aliyah and convert in Israel. Our family does not know what her maiden name was, where she was born etc. We think her surname might have been Jacobs or Jacobson. Is there somewhere that I can be referred to, to please assist me. She left Judaism,her daughter gave birth to my grandpa.

    I would really appreciate any advice.

    Thanks so much