Monday, March 13, 2023

A Wonderful Resource for Everyday Modern Hebrew (and a Coupon!)

Do you or your family want to learn everyday modern Hebrew? is what I use in my own home/our homeschool. It's just as good for adults as kids. I studied linguistics in college - I know a thing or two about second-language acquisition. (True story: my independent study was about teaching Esperanto to older children as a means of making later third and fourth language acquisition easier. Like a bridge into language learning for American kids with parents who only know English.)

Believe me, I have scoured the internet for Hebrew resources for years. There are few Hebrew resources out there, but this one is very well made, and the quality of the physical materials is high as well. And you also get free access to an app where everything is pronounced at different speeds. (They have many languages - not just Hebrew!)

It's essentially a self-ulpan design, if you're familiar with ulpan. You learn by talking, even if you don't quite understand what you're saying at first. Like a baby learns!

Today and tomorrow (Monday and Tuesday, Mar. 13-14) are the last days to start at the lower pricing before it costs $10 more per box - and you'll keep the lower price for as long as you're a subscriber. Inflation has finally started coming for my school supplies!

Here's a coupon for you to get $15 off your first box if you add in the phrasebook at checkout. Personally, I think the phrasebook is indispensable and worthy buying on its own for the phrases you won't find anywhere else for everyday life. Honestly, where else would you find, "Stop hitting your sister!" I kid, but it's in there. 

The first box has to do with food and snacks, which also delves into the ideas of "I want" and other related grammatical ideas without actually dwelling on the grammar at all. The phrase book covers a whole range of life, not just one topic.

Here’s the link to choose the language you want to start now and save! My referral code is REFK7EAUHQM86.

(I'll also get $15 toward a future box for our family. Otherwise, I have no affiliation with them, just a happy customer.) 

An old photo from my fridge:

Picture of the Snack Time fridge cheat sheet on my fridge with a piece of colorful children's art underneath it.