Monday, December 7, 2015

A Chanukah Pop Culture Lesson

This video seems quite appropriate for the last few weeks: "light a candle for peace." Enjoy the delicious 80s-ness of it.

I don't know how I discovered the song Light One Candle by Peter, Paul, and Mary, but I like it. And I listen to it every Chanukah. Maybe you'll like it too!

And since you're probably wondering, only one member of the band was Jewish: Peter Yarrow.

Sidebar: don't google the band if you were born too late for them, like me. It's pretty awful. Peter Yarrow was apparently a convicted sex offender, and there were a lot of links celebrating the death of "n-word lover" Mary Travers because of the group's famous support for the Civil Rights Movement. I'm just going to listen to this song a few times, imagine a better world, and get back to living in an imperfect world.

Chag sameach!