Monday, September 29, 2014

Stephen Colbert, the Atone Phone, and a Jewish Conversion for Wilco Frontman Jeff Tweedy

I happen to be a big fan of the Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert is a fellow Charlestonian, so I can hipster you by telling you that I've probably been stalking him longer than you.

I was catching up on last week's episodes and caught a great segment called The Atone Phone, where Jews can call and ask Stephen's forgiveness. And what do you know, Jewish conversion came up! 

Jeff Tweedy, frontman of the band Wilco, says here that he converted this year. I immediately jumped on to Google to learn more about it!

I didn't find anything new, but I found an article from the New York Times in 2009 that included this gem:
Q: I hear your older son had a bar mitzvah this year. What did you think of the process, as a non-Jew with a Jewish wife?
A: I was just so proud of my son — he really nailed it. I sang “Forever Young,” by Bob Dylan, and everybody cried. We have a very liberal congregation, and there’s a lot of acoustic-guitar strumming.
A longer version of that answer is available on Uncut (not a Jewish publication, funnily enough).

I don't know which movement he converted with (let's not play the "Who Is a Jew" Game), but it's wonderful to see someone who obviously converted for the sake of Judaism. It's hard to raise children Jewishly if you aren't Jewish, and those parents who choose to convert l'shem shemayim are truly admirable!

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