Monday, September 29, 2014

How to Pronounce Shana Tova

Looking to wish people a happy new year? The internet is here to help. 

There are a few ways to greet people over the coming week, but we're going to start with "Shana tovah!"

Here's a great Israeli pronunciation. You'll notice that the accented syllable is different from what many American Jews say: ShaNAH ToVAH. Americans will often pronounce it with an American accent (no big surprise there, I guess): SHAnah TOvah. If you want to hear some American pronunciation (or Lion King pronunciation), the Ramaz School in Manhattan is here to help with a video: How Do You Say Shana Tovah?

And how do you respond if someone else wishes you a Shanah Tovah? You reply the same. Easy peasy. 

Shana tova! 

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