Monday, December 2, 2013

Need a Siddur for Your Tablet or Phone?

Rusty Brick, the foremost developer of Jewish apps (they're the first company I remember on the market!), is having a sale on its apps for your tablets and phones. These Android and iOS apps are half off the normal price until Tuesday night, according to an email I received last night from their mailing list. According to the blog on their website, the sale started on Thursday and ended yesterday, but I didn't hear anything about that. I used to have an old free version, the Siddur Lite, which I don't believe exists anymore. Since it was Hebrew-only, I didn't use it much. 

Little did I know how much the Siddur app has progressed! (They do have other apps available.) Last year, a Jewish Press writer named it the must-have Jewish app. As someone who carries a siddur every day, I plan to experiment using the app instead. A lighter purse is always welcome! It also includes zmanim (halachic times), Jewish date reminders to prevent you from forgetting your own birthday, a minyan database, a tefillin mirror, and a prayer compass. Not bad for one app! That would replace at least 3 apps I currently use.

Normally the siddur app is $10, but it's reduced to $5. You can purchase an English translation in-app for $9. (There is also a Chabad expansion you can purchase in-app.) I wasn't going to buy it because I have an aversion to paying for apps. I'm just cheap and have been operating on a restricted budget for several years now. However, a reviewer in the App Store convinced me to pay for the app: support Jewish developers and we will get more (and better!) Jewish resources. I can't argue with that logic, plus the benefit of not carrying a physical siddur.

You can download the apps by choosing your operating system from the Rusty Brick website.

Did you buy one of Rusty Brick's apps? What did you think? How would you improve them? 

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