Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Somebody's Getting Married Today!

And that somebody would be me! I never could have seen this a year ago, when I was still waiting to convert and had been waiting for several years. But I was finally in New York and had a great beit din! And things went smoothly, and I converted in January. I met my chosson in March, and here we are today! Third time was the charm, and I only went out with five dates total. I know almost no one is this lucky (even though I have always questioned the idea of a shidduch crisis). Everyone knows at least one person who rushed into marriage immediately after converting or becoming a baal teshuvah, dating only one or two people. I generally don't recommend that method, but somehow it worked for me. My chosson likes to say that Hashem was just waiting for me to become halachically Jewish. I usually don't buy into those kinds of hindsight rationalizations, but even I have to admit this is a compelling argument in our case. Ever the skeptic, I've always doubted the idea of "falling head over heels" or being certain that a significant other is "right." I always saw it as infatuation (ever the Negative Nancy, I suppose). But I guess I have to doubt my doubts because by dating in an orthodox way, we were able to see very quickly what a good long-term match we are. It's almost creepy. Of course, he calls it awesome. The skeptic reframes it as "This is suspiciously awesome." He's slowly convincing me :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I'll be thinking of you when I daven. And hey, this wedding might bring Moshiach, and all the hurdles and bad experiences for converts will no longer be a problem! Today, we've got the whole spectrum coming together to celebrate, from non-Jews who've never met orthodox Jews (other than me) to Satmar chassidim! (Though I admit that a Jets versus Sharks throwdown between the Satmar and Lubavitch guests would make for more interesting wedding pictures.) Also, there will be a large contingent of the #Twitpacha, most of whom I'll be meeting for the first time today!

Exclamation points!!!1! Did I mention that this is me today? My brain stopped working about three days ago.

In the soon-to-be-eternal words of my dear friend Tzipi, "Ermagerd! Werdig day!" 


  1. Mazel tov! I hope you enjoy your wedding and your whole life together. And here's the traditional wish: may be you be zoche to build a bayis ne'eman b'Yisrael.

  2. So happy for you! Dancing with you in spirit.

  3. mazal tov, Skylar! :-) thank you for sharing your journey with us (and I hope you continue to!).
    - Chana (going through Orthodox geirus).

  4. Mazel tov!
    *May you and your chosson be zoche to build a bayit ne'eman b'Yisrael.*


  5. Mazel tov! May Hashem fulfill all your prayers!

  6. Mazal tov Kochava!!

  7. How wonderful for you! Mazal tov and best wishes to you! I am so happy you posted again as I was already afraid you had giving up blogging. I there any way to contact you persoanlly, like via email? Haven't found a "contact" button here...

    I wish you all happiness in the world!

  8. Mazal tov! May you build a bayit neeman b'Yisrael.

  9. Mazal Tov, Skylar!

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  10. Mazal tov! I am so happy for you! I had also just about given up hope of hearing about you again. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

    I also get a mazal tov. A month ago, my lovely daughter had grandson #2, and she and her husband just finished building their new house in the Shomron.

    1. Whoops! The above was me. Curmudgeonly.

  11. Mazel Tov!

    Another part of your journey is complete.

    May Hashem bless your marriage and bring you and your family much joy.

    Keep us posted every once in awhile!

    We love to hear from you!

  12. Just now seeing this. Mazel Tov!!!!

  13. I know it's been 6 years but hey - this brought me to tears of joy! I'm so happy for you and may Hashem always bless you with shalom bayis and all the Torah blessings. I have just converted and am wishing to get married with my chosson soon, BS"D...!