Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shidduchim and Nose Jobs

I have a well-documented enjoyment of the Groggers. They released a new song on Valentine's Day, and I wasn't planning to comment on it. It's the first song off their upcoming (as yet unnamed, apparently) album: Jewcan Sam (A Nose Job Love Song). As always, power pop/punk combined with satire makes me happy. But I don't think I'm the only one saying WTH? for the ending in the doctor's office.

But getting back to business...another blogger did a really good job introducing the issues raised by the video; namely, "plastic surgery for the sake of getting married." If you want a deeper halachic discussion on this issue, a commenter on that post linked to his own discussion of the topic: Improving God's Handiwork, With Scalpel and Ether.

Shades of Grey (the original blogger) has an excellent point that this video is unusual because nose jobs are generally considered the onus of women. Yet here is a male lead singer getting a nose job to impress a woman. And apparently, the nose job is a real life thing. (Uhhh...much disappointment in this peanut gallery.)

As for the future of the Groggers, they have several upcoming shows and apparently some kind of college campus tour. But if you really want to be "in the know," check out WYUR.net tonight at midnight for a new song release (according to the alleged radio host on the Groggers' Facebook page-I take no responsibility if it was just a troll). If it's about the Seforim Sale after all, I wouldn't be surprised. But for the record, I was there, and for the spectators, it was not nearly as dramatic as depicted. Nothing seemed out of place except that it was a relatively short set. You can read the published version of events here. But to be fair, what exactly did YU expect?? (I admit I was highly amused.)


  1. After the Jew-y name post, the title of this post had me picturing a convert pondering whether to get his/her nose made Jew-y. To fit in better and make dating easier of course :)