Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: The Seforim Sale

There's an interesting thing going on in Manhattan in the month of February! The Seforim Sale has conquered the Yeshiva University campus. It is the largest seforim sale in North America, and almost everything is being sold at a reduced price. There's books, cookbooks, music, children's books, all kinds of things. For a bibliophile, it's like a winter wonderland. As has shown up on Facebook...

But wait! There's more! Lectures, films, concerts! Even...the Groggers! Oh yeah, and the Maccabeats.

The Seforim Sale is credited with at least one shidduch every year. Everyone makes fun of the idea of meeting your beshert at the Seforim Sale, but we all look forward to the sale, spend inordinate amounts of time there, and people vie for the opportunity to work at the sale. (Since that's how most matches are made!) It's the hip place to be and/or talk about. I guess the hipsters can't claim all the feigned disinterest in the world.

Look! I even got some books to help me here on the blog! The back book could kill a man, it's so heavy, but the "lighter fare" books could spawn some good post ideas! I don't think there are any more copies of the back book, but the others ones are still available and priced between $1 and $2.50! I got some books for myself too, and I'm sure I'll hit the clearance rack as the sale winds down. That's right. This sale lasts almost a full MONTH.  ::Swoon!::

Not in New York? No worries! You can order your books online and have them shipped anywhere in the US. Sorry, everyone else :'(

Happy hunting!

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  1. Next year I might have to find a way to get up there.

    The online prices are not exactly discounted (all the books I looked up were more expensive than amazon!)