Monday, December 26, 2011

Week Hiatus - Check Back Next Monday

I've decided to take a week's vacation from the blog. I'll be back next Monday. Please come again!

Chanukah sameach!


  1. -- [This blog post] was, without a doubt, the worst [one] ever. Rest assured I was on the Internet within minutes registering my disgust throughout the world.

    - Hey, I know it wasn’t great, but what right do you have to complain?

    -- As a loyal [reader], I feel they owe me.

    - For what? They’re giving you thousands of hours of entertainment for free. What could they possibly owe you? If anything, you owe them.

    -- Worst [post] ever.

    [with apologies to ]

    On a more serious note, hope everything's ok, and looking forward to your return.

  2. Hmm... Perhaps you will have some exciting news to share on your return? ;D

  3. Enjoy your break. I heard there might be some good news as well? :)

  4. I gather from others replies to your removed comments in the kerfuffle that there might be good news upon your return. I hope this is the case, and I shall check back here Monday to see if this is the case. :)

  5. There should be good news next week, but not by Monday. The hiatus is totally unrelated. I simply got too far behind to write for the blog this week.

  6. I've been a long (and I mean *long*)-time reader of your blog, but I will be unsubscribing from your RSS feed and I don't think I will be reading you at all for much longer. I think you are a great person, and I do wish you good luck in your conversion process, but I saw the tirade(s) you wrote on Chaviva's blog before you deleted your comments and I found myself awestruck at some things you said there. Being a convert of 28 years now and having had a divorce as well, as well as reevaluating which "level" of conversion and eventually leaving the frum life to pursue a movement that fit me so much better, I took a bit of personal offense to many things you said to Chaviva. Surely you weren't trying to be offensive, but I wouldn't argue that some of your comments were more than out of line. Anywho, from a lawyer herself, I wish you the best of luck with your bar passing and in your conversion. May we be proud to call you a fellow Jew.

  7. Anonymous: I'm sorry you feel that way. Thank you for your input and well wishes.

  8. Was the surprise that you had the Beis Din meeting and passed and next step is mikvah? I was reading Chaviva's comment on the blog....please let us know the details. Last year someone I know who had her Beis Din meeting in December, passed it, then they took her to the mikvah in May.

  9. While others have been celebrating (gregorian) New Year, I'm counting down to your return!

    I get so much from your blog! I've missed you!

  10. While I cannot comment on Skylar's comments only knowing them by context, I wish nothing but happiness for Chaviva(KE) whatever path of observance. she chooses.

    I understand there is a mixed audience here, but I'm not upset by her choice to change her level of observance. I am hurt by KE choosing to publicize it on social media rather than transitioning to a new online identity out of respect for those of us who could be harmed by her story affecting our reputation as converts or increasing the difficulty in the future. I understand why she would do this, but to those still wanting orthodoxy it appears selfish to publish it publicly.

    I did take scifirabbi's comment on the thread to heart about being ruled by fear. Since I have no plans to move to Israel I may be more open to other Orthodox options for conversion if they should present themselves. If I have to reconvert each time I move, I am fine with that if all it means is testing my knowledge and another poke and mikvah dunk.

    I take Chaviva at her word that she was Sincere when she converted. G-d knows the truth and who am I to put myself in his place of judgement. I wish for her the same thing I wish for all Jews peace.