Monday, November 21, 2011

Tznius Women and Winter Weather

On another occasion it happened that a certain conversion candidate came before a rabbi and said to him, "Make me tznius in a New York City winter, on condition that you teach me all your fashion secrets while I stand on one foot." Thereupon he repulsed her with the builder's cubit which was in his hand.

When she went before Skylar, she said to her, "Sweater tights. That is the key to avoiding winter winds up your skirt. The rest is obvious. Now go and be fabulous."


  1. I've also heard good things about fleece lined tights. . . I just need to find a place that sells them!

  2. Loved the Talmudic analogy, made me smile.

    Kol Kavod and Mazel Tov on the bar exams.

    Being Tznius and fabulous! Awesome

  3. Best Hillel reference in a joke for 2011, well done.

  4. ...this may be TMI, but I find long skirts, thicker opaque stockings, and just not shaving my legs in the winter makes my legs pretty much fine. I find that my legs seem to be warmer than when I used to wear pants and I didn't have the extra layer of tights. Plus, no one gets to see my bare legs ever anyhow, so what does it matter?