Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reason #216 You Know You're Crazy: The Excitement You Get When You See Jews in "Non-Jewish" Places

When you cast your lot with the Jewish people, you develop a new excitement about seeing Jewish people in places you consider "non-Jewish."

When you're visiting a rural area with essentially no Jewish population, you are shocked to see a kippah, and you might just try to tackle the guy in your excitement. Personally, people have nearly tackled me because they thought my hair was a sheitel! I can't help it that my hair is awesome and that long hair is easiest to maintain with heavy layering!

Perhaps even more common now, you might just mistake earbud cords for tzitzit. Repeatedly. And then you are surprisingly let down to discover the truth.

Ain't nothing wrong with it. Maybe it's even a sign of having "made it."


  1. Living as I do on a college campus, I mistake earbud cords for tzitzit at least once a day. It makes me really happen until I realize I am being silly.

    Not to mention how happy I get when I see Jews at protests. Very recently I bonded with some random guy at a protest in my city over kosher butchers.

  2. My favorite game is "brown kippah or bald spot."

  3. I used to love preparing and serving food on Christmas day at the local "soup kitchen," because so many of the people volunteering that day each year were Jewish. We all have the day off, without the family obligations that Christians have that day, so why not do a mitzvah? It was always fun to spend Christmas day chatting about Chanukkah, Passover, etc.

  4. This actually happens to me all the time. There's a teeeeny tiny Orthodox shul (as in, it's one room in a storefront) downtown, and a slightly larger Conservative shul that houses the local Jewish high school (the boys' side has about five students). Most of my city's Jewish community is in the west end, and I live in the east. So I go downtown and occasionally see a guy in a yarmulke or tzitzit and I get so excited. If I was a guy I would totally be all over that with striking up conversations, but I'm a girl so I keep my excitement on the inside. :D

  5. I may or may not have gone over to say hi to 2 Israelis at a TJ Maxx because I heard them speaking Hebrew and kept thinking I was going nuts because there was *no way* you'd be hearing Hebrew on that side of town. "In the tribe or not" is the best game ever.