Monday, November 28, 2011

Adventures in Machmir Dating

Today, just a funny quote from a singles event that was advertised on Facebook:
"This is a Machmir event for Machmir Singles, Ages: Guys 24-32 and Girls 23-28, FREE for Full time learners & Rabbinical Students." 

Who knew I lost Ladies' Night privileges when I became all machmir? Also, can it really be that machmir if it's on Facebook? What does "machmir" even mean in this context? This sounds more yeshivish than modern orthodox machmir.

But I want to know the good stuff: did they allow mixed seating? Sadly, that is a legitimate question.


  1. Also, they seem to not understand that female human beings age 23-28 are women, not girls.

  2. Frummies call all women 'girls' until they are married. It makes me nutty!

    I am a extra older single (37) and I haven't been a 'girl' in a very long time. The women's stuff makes me doubt whether I will ever be truely orthodox.

  3. To Anonymous - I have been religious now for a few decades. I came into a Torah from a women's studies background and have fought and cried and railed against "the women's stuff" for a good chunk of my Orthodox life. Read "The Moon's Lost Light" by Devorah Heshelis. It changed my perspective and helped me realize that the problems are not eternal.

  4. "Machmir" is misused just like "tznius" and "glatt". In this case they're aiming for the "frummer than thou" crowd who are always looking for a reason to say no to something because it makes them feel more religious

  5. The enforced age range (4 years less for "girls") is disgusting.

    What, are their ovaries not fresh enough?