Monday, October 17, 2011

Reason #843 You Know You're Crazy: You Have a Ridiculous Love of Woody Allen Films

I used to write a lot of these posts, and I haven't in a long time, so here we go again! However, I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, so it's going to be short.

Honestly, I think my parents should blame themselves for my eventual conversion. You don't show Woody Allen movies to preteens without expecting trouble later. 

...And I'm going to avoid all the other jokes that could be made right now.

If you saw Woody Allen movies before getting Jewishly involved, I encourage you to rewatch them with new eyes. So much funnier, and that is hard to do. (Full disclosure: I don't like his movies as much after 1990 or so, but his early films easily dominate my Top 10 favorite movies.)


  1. love of Woody Allen films. I actually find him to be rather annoying when I do see him in movies. :/

    Is this something I should be working on before I go to a Beit Din? ;)

  2. The Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret says:

    Talented at one point, no longer interesting or funny. Morally, a truly vile man.

  3. I used to love his films, but I can't watch them anymore. While technically he has not committed incest, a man who sleeps with his ex-lover's much younger daughter is a sexual predator.

  4. Curmudgeonly covered it for me. Never liked him. Many or most of the observant people I know find him a complete embarrassment.

  5. I never understood the appeal of Woody Allen, even without taking his personal life into consideration.