Sunday, October 9, 2011

Interesting Follow-Up: Active Mormons Misrepresenting Themselves to Convert to Orthodox Judaism

Funny how you hear one thing...and then you run into the same thing 40 times in the next week. 

Here is a story written by an LDS member two weeks ago about Mormons seeking to convert to orthodox Judaism. It's very well-written and also fairly represents the Jewish reaction. I'm glad to know both sides are in agreement!

In summary, "One can only reconcile the two [faiths] by watering down and distorting both LDS and Jewish doctrines, and it won’t work. When we try to build bridges between the two faiths, we can’t do it by trying to create a hybrid religion. Both Judaism and LDS Christianity deserve better."


  1. I liked the comment where a poster compared Judaism and Christianity to being tall or short. It's not wrong to be tall and it's not wrong to be short, but you can't be both tall and short at the same time.

    I think those who attempt to convert to Judaism while still believing in their original faith, while they do hurt sincere converts and Jews in the process, likely do the most damage to themselves. They are denouncing their true faith, what they really believe, and having to forge a new life based on deceit which neither religious tradition would approve of. I can't help but think that G-d as well would judge such dishonesty harshly.

    No matter what you say to a Rabbi or Beit Din, G-d knows what you truly believe. Why bother trying to lie?

  2. I thought the author wrote the article very well. He clearly presented the issues from both the LDS and Jewish perspectives. I had no idea this was even an issue.