Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"How Do I Know If You're Sincere or Not?"

Someone made a great joke over the chagim! The person said that any rabbi should know I'm sincere as soon as I say, "I've observed two years of 3 day yontif fully. And I'm still here."

If this didn't come up at your yontif meals (and heaven knows it did if you were with observant Jews), the 3 day yontifs are not over. We get a reprieve in 2012, but we get another double dose of High-Octane Chagim in 2013 and 2014. That sound you just heard was the collective groan of millions of Jews tired of greasy hair.

And that is your moment of Zen.


  1. Shallow Reason #72 to get married: Covering your hair over a 3-day yom tov!
    Shallow Reason #12 to make aliyah: No more 3-day yom tov! (well, ONE; Rosh Hashanah is still 2 days, even in Israel)

  2. You forgot about Shavuot 5772 - begins right after Shabbat.

  3. 3 day yontifs really are like a spiritual endurance race. Add cooking for a family and guests to the list and there's a reason we were all so happy at Simchas Torah...and collapsed in a heap after!

  4. This news has ruined my day.


  5. Am I the only one who loves 3-day yontif? I really feel like it's ta'am olam haba. So relaxing! Even with the cooking. (I LOVE cooking on yontif.) AND my rabbi allows showering on yontif, provided you hang one limb out of the shower--it's extra fun!

    I know, I know. I'm probably alone on this. But I like my 3-day yontifs. :D

  6. :-)

    By the way, speaking of greasy hair...


  7. Katers, I guess this makes two of us. During 3-day yom tov, I feel like I'm in a spiritual time loop (cook, eat, pray, learn, sleep,repeat...) where I'm completely disconnected from the rest of the world. And totally connected to God. After the 3rd day, I no longer care about all the physical stuff that I enjoy on yom tov (such as food). The only thing left is to relax and enjoy the chag as it is.