Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Frum and Fabulous: The New Fall Lines Are Out!

Ladies, we're in luck this fall/winter! Frum is fabulous this year, continuing the modest fashion trends that dominated the stores this spring/summer. Nordstrom and Lane Bryant have advertised their modest skirts as fashion trends already, and Nordstrom has also advertised many modest or easily-made-modest tops. (Remember to check out Nordstrom Rack for the outlet experience!)

Because I am terrified of my first "real" winter approaching, I am latching on to every degree of this fall weather. In that spirit, here is an outfit I think is very "fall" with the golds and oranges. This is just a plain black shell from Kosher Casual and a wrap-skirt. (It is not from Israel, since I get that question frequently.)

Advice: Always, always, always wear something under a wrap skirt, no matter how far it wraps around. Inevitably, the wind will hit you precisely at the angle that will undress you for all the strangers on the street. I recommend spandex shorts to prevent bulky material making the skirt fabric fall unnaturally. Being short, many spandex shorts fall at or very close to my knees. If you want longer shorts but don't benefit from being short already, you can find them made longer. During colder seasons, long leggings is always a good choice, either ankle-length or full tights. I don't recommend tea-length leggings with a long skirt if it can be avoided (it usually makes you look short and squat.)

Alternatively, you can use safety pins to pin the wrapped part in place. This can take more time than you imagine to pin it in a way that doesn't make the fabric fall unnaturally. I don't recommend sewing it in place because wrap skirts are not made with an elastic waistband. This means that you can't sew it in place properly and still be able to put it on.

I miss non-winter winter already :(


  1. Have you looked at Marks and Spencer? It's an English department store, but they will ship to the US. Most of their 'knee length' skirts mean BELOW the knee - so you are still covered when sitting. As a freakishly tall girl, this is wonderful because I don't have to only wear maxi skirts.

    It can get a little bit pricey, but their things last and the styles are timeless.

  2. Marshalls/TJ Maxx are amazing for modest, cute skirts, (sometimes)shells, and cardigans. Also, their Calvin Klein dresses come with modest necklines and skirt lengths and can be frum-ified with a fancy shell or cardigan, and they're under $50. The Old Navy denim skirts are great if you're on the shorter side, and they always have cheap cardigans, too. (Can you tell I've spent some money this week ;)?)

  3. I just bought a beautiful black dress, ballerina kind, in H&M. It´s super comfy, and quite cheap. I paid 30 euros, so I guess it will sell for about 40 USD! H&M is selling very nice skirts as well this winter! :-)