Friday, September 2, 2011

Like Israel? Then Support Israeli Artists by Seeing the Voca People! To Boot, It's One of the Top Shows Ever

Today, I'm going to tell you why the Voca People are awesome. But I'm not going to make you take that on faith. I'll tell you a little about myself so that you can know I am a clear authority on their amazingness.

First, I saw it.

Second, I've seen a lot of performances of plays, musicals, dance, improv comedy, performance art, etc in my day. 

I'm not joking about the number of different performances I've seen. I worked in the theatre for nearly a decade. But I'm no actor. I'm what's known as a techie (not trekkie, but I've never seen Star Trek). Techies are the people who make performances happen. We design the sets, build them, paint them, design the lighting/sounds, organize the actors/performance, and run the actual performance backstage. This means that I have worked on and attended many performances from many genres. 

And the Voca People is definitely in the Top 5 shows ever from all of those genres. It is remarkably fun and well-done.

So why do I say that Zionists and friends of Israel should be supporting the show? It was directed, created, and produced by Israelis and even the New York City production's cast and crew spent nearly 2 months in Israel putting the show together. You want something more interesting? The "comic advisors" helped found "the beatbox movement in Israel." How can you say no to that? 

They appear to have running shows in New York City and Paris, with touring performances in Europe and some in Israel. Go to their main website to see when a performance is coming near you! (The New York City off-Broadway performance's site.)

While the YouTube videos are incredible, they are really only the tip of the iceberg of how fun this show was. For two hours, I did not stop smiling and laughing. And it's not all fun and games: these performers are serious artists performing extremely demanding roles. It was mindblowing to see these people performing very difficult vocal maneuvers for the entire two hours with almost no breaks for their voices. There's not even an intermission. They're a credit to what the human voice is capable of.

That said, here are some YouTube videos. One from the show itself and one from one of the performers. He provides the beat-boxing as well as acting as a kind of narrator. (Not Israeli, he's Portuguese.)


  1. re: the first video - What was up with the white hat things? that was seriously weird.

    And as I was writing that I was thinking to myself that I am sure that is exactly what people think about a lot of the things I post about, and a lot of the peculiar interests I have.

    Weird isn't so bad.

    The second video was very impressive. Actually so was the first one, but I couldn't get past the white baby bonnet/swimming cap things for some reason lol

    1. Originally posted: September 2, 2011 at 4:12 PM

      That weirded me out at first too, but it's part of them being aliens. They're bald :P But when you see it in person, it all just...WORKS.

  2. wait, they are supposed to be aliens?? I'm confused.