Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last Minute Thoughts before Rosh Hashanah

Aish Connections has asked me to pass along information about their No Membership Required campaign: it's "a complimentary database of synagogues across the country that offer social, engaging and unique services for non-members. It lists Synagogue details (and prices where relevant) and indicates what range of services are offered including additional programs such for youth, teen, and explanatory services."

Worst case scenario, just show up. I admit, this advice has some risks (mostly embarrassment), and I learned that lesson well one year. But I blame that on the individual working the door, not necessarily the synagogue. And in the end, I still got to daven there. You cannot pay for services on the days, so if you can't afford to pay for a "ticket," maybe this is a less embarrassing route to go about attending somewhere. Assuming there is physically room in the shul, it would (in my uneducated opinion) be a very serious transgression for someone to be turned away on the holiday for lack of the ability to pay. And if you can afford to pay for the tickets or a donation of a smaller amount, just send it after yom tov is over. Do the best you can to do what's right.

As a practical note, remember to write out any meal/visit notes you'll need over yom tov! That is the last thing you want to forget to have written down!

And on the lighthearted side of things...
There is no shortage of High Holyday videos going around this year. Even President Obama released a video of his holiday greetings! We've also got Rosh Hashanah Girl from Birthright, G-dcast's "Shofar Callin'" from Prodezra Beats, and "Dip Your Apple" from the Fountainheads (complete with a shoutout to my alma mater, the College of Charleston!).

And in case you missed them, I already posted Aish's "Rosh Hashanah Rock Anthem," the Maccabeats' "Book of Good Life," and Jewish Treats' "Soul Bigger."

I just want to say that my YouTube "research" reveals there is a ridiculous amount of Jewish parody songs. Be careful watching those videos unless you have a long of time to kill. I know it's early, but the award winner for most disturbing YouTube find in this quest goes to "All I Want for Christmas is Jews."

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