Friday, September 23, 2011

Falling Into the Rabbit Hole of Orthodox Pop Culture

It is 3am, and I have a post that has to go up today, but I know all of you want to be "in the know," so we're going to have a double post today!

The Maccabeats released their new video tonight, while mysteriously everyone but the Maccabeats were at a Jewish rock concert. In all honesty, I feel like I should have had my orthodox pop culture bingo card with me. We had the Moshav Band, the Groggers, Except Saturday, Yosaif Krohn, a Y-Stud, and even...Deena Mann (aka Chaya Suri)! I kept expecting Heshy Fried to walk around the corner! Sadly, he didn't. Maybe you can count me, but no one recognized me despite this month's surprising 19,000 hits! But I did get asked for subway directions, so I must look like I live here now, and that's good enough for me.

And this was only a Thursday night in the life of the Young and Jewish.

Speaking of bingo, I should also play bingo with the Maccabeats video. I'm still new to New York City, so I still have the right to get childishly excited about recognizing places!

Good on ya, guys.

Now for my own random comments.

I really love this video because it makes me excited about living in New York. Dorktastic, I know.

I got to see the girls making that "Open Your Eyes" art, and I was pretty impressed. Nice work, ladies! I kept meaning to take a picture of that for the last week or so, but then the rain washed it away! It cheered up my dog walks and gave me a little Elul reminder each day. So thank you :)

And these Maccabeats really seem to be practicing what they preach. While having a 3:30am Facebook discussion with a friend about the video while I was writing this, I realized that every time I see any of these guys (and it happens relatively often), they actively do something that makes my day better. I couldn't count the number of doors held open for me, welcoming smiles, friendly chat, and not death-staring my dogs. Thanks, guys! Elul Mission Accomplished with one person, even though it's been over the last several months. It's a small world, so I assume this'll make its way where it belongs sooner or later. Good on ya again!


  1. My favorite part is the amazing cameo of one of today's great poskim and roshei-yeshiva giving shiur, HaRav Hershel Shachter shlit"a.... and one of the Maccabeats falling asleep in it lol, time index 1:13 and then for a few seconds later in the video, too. I think it's great he allowed the 'Beats to film in his classroom!

  2. I'm coming to NYC soon (should be after conv 2.0 is finished too!) and this video gets ME excited, so don't blame you at all!