Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Funny, You Look More Jewish When You Wear Glasses."

I hear this one a lot, and apparently so do a lot of other "white" or Middle-Eastern people. If you could possibly "look Jewish," glasses will make you look even more "Jewish." Even totally secular Jews have said this to me over the last 7 years. Just like glasses will make you look smarter or make you look more like a lawyer. Hmm...I wonder what the connection is between all these stereotypes??

Just an interesting thought for the day. And below, you can compare my "Jewish" appearance. This is me at 1am last night, as I finished my studying for the day. That studying may or may not have really been lackluster Bejeweled performance. (I apologize for the weird head angle. I couldn't get the computer glare off my glasses!)

Goyishe Shiksa

Yeshivish Yenta

I apologize for the proliferation of quotation marks in this post.


  1. wait a moment... wasn't it you several weeks ago who said it was never ok to call someone a shiksa? maybe that wasn't you... or maybe it's ok to call yourself one lol

    for real though... I don't think Jews wear glasses more often than others, so perhaps it's the nose/bridge thing as it hides or amplifies more of that area which is a definite example of one's "Jewishness".

  2. Quite a large proportion of women at my shul actually do wear glasses.

    You could most definitely blend well within the Chassidic community.

    By the way you do "look" Jewish. In regard to Elle's comment. In you spend quite alot of time within the Orthodox community you'll see a conformity in style for most women who dress tznius.

  3. Elle, this use of shiksa was merely for ironic/humorous purposes :) I also only use the word "goyishe" when I'm being sarcastic, lol... But good point about the nose! I have a tiny Roman nose.

  4. The Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret says:

    " so perhaps it's the nose/bridge thing as it hides or amplifies more of that area which is a definite example of one's "Jewishness""

    Ehhhh...My very un-Jewish Dad has a very "Jewish" nose, but my very Jewish husband doesn't.

    In Morocco, the Jews were lighter-skinned than the non-Jews. Tell them your family is Tripolitan. Jews from Tripoli run to blond.

  5. By the way, you're a very attractive young woman, whatever Jewish ethnic group you happen to look like. No, you WON'T have to worry about shidduchim. By the way, I met my husband at a Shabbos table. My daughter met her husband while birthing goats at an organic farm. Never underestimate the shadbush of ordinary life.

  6. haven't asked to see my dress size yet! :P

    I'm pretty jealous of the birthing goats story! But I hope to have a story equally as amazing to tell!

  7. You could cash in our your looks to lead the kind of life Western women are pushed to idolise - consort to music star, Hollywood personalitly, sportsman, politician etc. I would think the fact that you are opting instead for the modest life of an observant Jewish women should be enough to convince the Beit Din you are genuine.



  8. Mazel tov on your new look, and you do have company - check out the banner on the Yo Yenta
    blog site; also, what is now 'Mavensearch' used to be called Maven (I think), and the banner there just showed a pair of lady's glasses. Nu? You're tribal!