Friday, June 10, 2011

Dressing Awesomely and Modestly

Yes, I have copyrighted the phrase "dressing awesomely and modestly," and I will pursue any violation of my legal rights ferociously. Rawr.

Here is today's outfit, a simple black shell with flowy, hippie empire-waist floor-length dress. Less clear are the amazingly 60s sunglasses.

Verdict: Surprisingly well-suited to the heat of the sun and subways. On the other hand, the empire waist prompts strangers to ask if you are pregnant.


  1. It's worse when you're fat. This is why I run away from empire waists, no matter how flattering they're supposed to be. I love that dress, though, it's very flattering.

  2. I love this outfit, and you definitely don't look pregnant! I also love your blog, but I'm more of a lurker than a commenter.

    I really like modest fashion blogs. I'm sure you know these ones already, but 'Modestly Fashioned' and 'All Tumble Down' are my favourites. Even if your style or standards are a little different, they are still great inspiration.

  3. Love it! These maxi dresses are too long for me unfortunately :(

  4. Kayla, being 5'2", I understand your pain. This one JUST works. Barely.

    Ana, thank you for venturing out of lurker land! I LOVE those blogs. I just don't have time to read other blogs anymore, LOL...

    Threnody, empire waists make everyone look chubby. But they're just so darn comfortable... The pattern does help downplay the less-flattering tendencies of the cut of the dress. And the comfort makes me willing to ignore its bad aspects, but the rude people just keep reminding me!

  5. The CurmudgeonlyIsraeli Giyoret says:

    I have a beautiful Maskit dress with an empire waist that my husband got me as a wedding present. I wore it for Shabbat through five pregnancies, and it makes me think I look pregnant. You have to wear it with a hippy-elegant scarf; a hat or beret won't do.

    Why are you wearing dark glasses? Is this your graduation photo from the School For the Blind?

  6. I was wearing dark sunglasses because it was sunny outside, thankyouverymuch! LOL