Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Months of the Hebrew Calendar

You may be asked to memorize the months of the Hebrew calendar. I'll admit I don't have them memorized, at least not in order. But here's a handy list! Keep in mind that there are four new years in the Hebrew calendar, so you can begin counting the months at multiple places. 

For the purpose of months, most people begin listing them with Nisan. On the other hand, for holidays, most people will begin with Rosh HaShanah. Also, keep in mind that there are several transliterations of these names.
  1. Nisan
  2. Iyar
  3. Sivan
  4. Tammuz
  5. Av
  6. Elul
  7. Tishrei
  8. Cheshvan (Marcheshvan)
  9. Kislev
  10. Tevet
  11. Shvat
  12. Adar
  13. Adar II if a leap year

Chodesh tov! The month of Iyar begins tonight!


  1. Here's a song to help remember the months of the Hebrew calendar. (It has music, so people who are careful about that during Sefirah should wait till after Lag Ba'Omer.)
    Of course, when I learned this tune, it had the ending "These are the months of the hebrew year, they are not so many. When you have a leap year, you add Adar Sheni."

  2. Good article! I did not know that Hanukkah was considered a minor holiday on the Hebrew Calendar