Monday, May 16, 2011

Awkward Shabbat Moment #4,281

After several days of Blogger being broken, it seems to be working again! But not after unpublishing a post, not publishing the scheduled post (blank because Blogger was broken for 3 days), and then posted a blank future-scheduled post. UGH. I apologize for any inconvenience! I think I've corrected everything, and last Friday's post is rescheduled to this Friday. I give future apologies for any missed days because I'm still trying to get internet at home.

Now, for your voyeuristic pleasure, an awkward story from my life this past Shabbos:

After driving 11.5 hours from my parents' house to NYC on Friday, I was pooped when Shabbos arrived. Mamish pooped. I barely made it through Friday night, but overslept significantly on Shabbat morning. When I arrived at my lunch location, beers in hand, I was locked out. They had said the windows would be open so I could yell up to the 5th floor, but I didn't see any open windows. I decided to wait beside the door.

Eventually, a nice Jewish boy came home and was unlocking the building door. Being the polite Southerner I am, I always ask permission to follow a person through a locked building door. I said, "Do you mind if I follow you in?" Being a kind person, he even opened the door for me!

But then, because I attract awkward moments like honey attracts flies, I ended up following him up all five flights of stairs. There are only five floors. Thinking back on my choice of words, I realized that could sound super creepy, like I'm going to follow him home. By the time we reached the third floor, I felt awkward enough to actually tell him I wasn't purposely following him home. Thankfully, he laughed. But by the time we reached the 5th floor, he was suspicious enough to ask me whose apartment I was going to.

Sure enough, he was my friend's neighbor. D'oh!


  1. someone asked me if I was messianic yesterday and I immediately thought of you. Apparently that is actually some people's first thought when they find our you're jewish! how strange...

  2. Girl holding beer follows guy up to his apartment. You think that sounds creepy? Can you imagine how upset he was when you told him you're going to his neighbors place?!

  3. Really beer on Shabbat....was that kosher?