Friday, April 8, 2011

Shabbat Shalom! The Pets and Pesach Edition

Using the Star K's kosher-for-Pesach pet food list (locate the PDF under the food lists), I finally purchased my pet food for Pesach. For eight days and three upset pet tummies, I spent $70 on Science Diet food. The other brand (Blue Wilderness) would have been $100. I'm a little shocked, as you might imagine. One more reason orthodoxy is expensive!

On the other hand, I'm incredibly amused that even though I am Ashkenazi, I can feed my pets kitniyot on Pesach, bwahaha... I guess I never thought about "possessing" kitniyot because I automatically group kitniyot with chametz.

If you're a fellow pet-owner, try to purchase somewhat more pet food than you'll need for Passover so that you can gradually introduce the new food to your pet before Pesach begins and then wean them off it gradually after Pesach is over. This will help reduce upset stomachs and the messes that can result from that. Your pets will thank you.

For a good general overview of pet food and halacha (I'll be writing a post on this in the nearish future), see Pesach and Halachic Issues with Pets.

Shabbat shalom!


  1. I know plenty of people that do strictly wet food for cats, since they aren't special "kosher for passover" or anything, just don't include chametz. I also know people who have treated their kitties to tuna and other meats :) Lucky cats!

  2. We use grain free cat and dog foods all year round. The animals all thrive on it, and don't have to adjust to changes at Pesah. We've used Science Diet, but for the last couple of years have been using Dick Van Patten's. It is pricier, but our animals really like it. Comes in dry and canned.

  3. He- was also a bit shocked about the price at first, especially the dry food (had to buy, one of my cats almsot only takes dry one). At last the cats like it :-))

  4. Lucky Chavi! I just discovered that my normal dog food is already kosher for Pesach! Expensive dog food will be returned. Cat food already had to be opened, so I'm stuck with it.

    Chaya Nechama, I have the same problem. My cat won't even eat human food. Weirdest 3-legged cat ever.

    However, I just learned that cat litter is also a potential problem. Ugh.