Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Weekend in Review

The first weekend in my new community was a success! Much less stressful than I was afraid of, and I had a really good time! I'm lucky to know good people already and through Ilan, and they've been introducing me to some really amazing people. And even better, I got to check out two shuls instead of just one!

No apartment...yet. Waiting to hear on one, but that's what I get for apartment hunting more than a month in advance. Of course, I didn't have much choice in the matter. Worst case scenario, I suppose I could fly back during chol hamoed, but it shouldn't come to that.

Tonight I fly back to California, and then I have to hit the ground running with school! Three more weeks of law school to finish five classes...terrifying! One way or another, law school is finished April 18.

On the bright side, I've got my seders arranged. Do you?? Get on that.

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