Friday, February 18, 2011

Orthodox Pop Culture: Internet Earworms

Over the last couple of years, several really awesome Jewish earworms have made their way onto YouTube. (Earworms are songs you can't get out of your head!) Just in case you missed them, here are some of my favorites! I get the feeling a lot more will appear in the Comments, which could make for one really awesome study break for this girl... (After all, my orthodox pop culture knowledge is necessarily limited to relatively recently.)

Shabbat shalom, and enjoy the light-hearted silliness!

There's a new one hitting the internet airwaves this week, a safe-for-work, "kol-isha free" version of Cee Lo Green's "F You" song. (Personally, I find the quality of the parody debatable, as opposed to the other videos below. However, the sound is right on!)

Now the Chanukah War between the very creative Yeshiva University Maccabeats and the always creative and enjoyable Matisyahu! I'm still trying to figure out the Matisyahu video and it's February. The Maccabeats, on the other hand, launched themselves straight into the limelight both in secular newstelevision and the blogosphere. The "most Jewish" blog post about the Maccabeats remains Will YOU Marry a Maccabeat?

And now my favorite, the Groggers! Posting a link to their "Get" video yesterday was the inspiration for this light-hearted Friday post.

The Groggers released a new video back in October, which is a lesser-known Jewish earworm. Have you ever wanted to combine "Eishes Chayil," creepy stalking, Breslovers, & killer clowns? Me too!


  1. I would have married a Maccabeat. Turns out from that link that the one I had my eye on is taken.



  2. A true orthodox Jewish girl would be open to any available observant man :P

  3. For some reason I'd never heard of the groggers. where have I been??? I thought I was pretty up on the Orthodox Jewish Indie scene. hmmm guess not!

    I'm a sucker for that last one - it reminds me of my old music before I become more religious... and older ;) ha!

    And who can't love the Maccabeats? I mean really. come on.

  4. I think I've aged out of the Maccabeats dating pool. The Groggers, however...I'm there. Oh, the life of an "older single" at a ripe old 26!

    And I hear ya, Elle. I want the Groggers to spawn 30 other Jewish bands! However, if there is really such a thing as an Orthodox Jewish indie music scene, you need to be helping a girl out here!

  5. I am open to all suggestions, of course. But particularly those involving cute singing boys who flip their latkes in the air sometimes.

    Btw if you haven't heard the Maccabeats album... ur missing out.

    (still slightly depressed he's engaged!)

  6. The Eishes Chayil gig is nice - reminds me a bit of Queen

  7. kochava, have you been to shemspeed? they have some good stuff. they also have some non-religious stuff. but you gotta sift through to find what you are looking for. I have eclectic tastes (actually that just means I'm getting older so my ideal of good music has changed a bit heh)

    I should do a list of things I enjoy... and maybe we can give one another some ideas. :)

    there is a lot of super indie stuff (like Matthue Roth, but to be honest it's a little more ummm.. secular in his approach than I am personally into.) so my pickings are smaller but whatever.

  8. This is one of my favorites.

    Also at Shemspeed you can purchase the indispensable Jewish kaffieh