Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Milestone: 100 Blog Posts!

It seems like I started this blog yesterday! Yet here we are, 100 blog posts in!

I hope you've all enjoyed my blog as much as I've enjoyed writing for you! I hope you've found it comforting, funny, and useful. After all, conversion/becoming observant shouldn't be as soul-crushing and humorless as some people would like you to believe it is!

Thankfully (and as I had hoped), there was a real need for these kinds of discussions, even if just to know that we're not alone. If I have learned anything from this venture, it's that I'm nowhere near alone! And every person has been incredibly interesting!

Now, since I love statistics, here are some stats/observations!
  • Started on October 20, 2010, which means the blog is currently only 2 and a half months old!
  • 9,900 Page views
  • 985 Feed views
  • 150 Average views per day, per my totally uncalculated estimate
  • Countries where readers have accessed the site include such surprising entries as Malta, China, South Korea, Mexico, Sweden, Slovenia, Russia, the Ukraine, Japan, Croatia, and Norway!
  • The U.S. is the clear readership leader, with heavy contingents from the UK and Israel. Canada and Australia come limping behind. Which country comes in 6th? A very surprising (to me) South Korea!
  • Money earned from my minimal ads: A whopping $11.54. No check gets cut until I reach $100, which (at this rate) I expect will be about a year and a half from now! But then I'll have an amazing dinner out thanks to you guys!
  • My favorite search term to bring someone to my site: "what is a shomer negiah honeymoon." I'll tell you what it is: a great disappointment! However, after the initial reaction, I understood the question, and I hope you found your answer! It's still a honeymoon, even though some things are different!
  • The Google search terms generally tell me that you're afraid of failing the beit din and interested in dating, fashion, how long conversions take, and the differences between conversions by different movements. You also really, really love googling things about Shyne.
  • I had no idea how much I love to use parentheses until I began writing here.
  • To date, only one comment has been designated as spam. I think you commenters have been fantastic!
  • Facebook has consistently remained my biggest recorded traffic source from Day 1. I have no way of recording statistics on who is coming directly to the site from memory or a bookmark.
  • And as a devoted Mac user for four years, I'm very sad to see that a whopping 61% of you use Windows. (I sure hope the blog shows up with the same format on different operating systems!) I've also learned that there are SO many browsers that I've never heard of before!

Thanks for reading! I wish you all peace, humor, health, good friends, and a smidgen of happiness!


  1. A hundred posts in 2 and a half months is crazy amazing :) Considering the quality of your writing, I'm surprised you still have so few subscribers - I think yours is one of the best blogs around :)

  2. Hahah, thank you! I'm a pretty niche market :) But I'm doing this for my own sanity just as much as anyone else's!