Friday, November 26, 2010

Reason #92 You Know You're Crazy: The Only People Who Don't Think You're Crazy Are the Mormons

Reason #92 You Know You're Crazy:

I live in a very small Jewish community. As far as I'm aware, I'm the only observant Jew on my campus. And the only people who haven't batted an eyelash at my lifestyle changes have been my Mormon classmates! In fact, they've been the most curious and supportive!

I imagine that it's not just because they're super nice people. Mormons also get a lot of flack for taking on "strange" and "old fashioned" rules. We also suffer a lot of stereotypes and misunderstandings. But perhaps our most basic commonality is that both our groups are trying to make an ideal society within the greater secular society. That means we've got a lot in common, even if the details are different.

But I'm just happy to see people on a daily basis who don't think I'm crazy! You guys rock! Thank you for helping me feel normal :D

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  1. Yep, my Mormon friend growing up couldn't be in certain roles in the school play if the costume had her in a sleeveless top, she couldn't drink coke or anything else with caffeine, plus a slew of other random crap that SOUNDS crazy, haha. When you really know why, it makes sense in their religious context.

    I think Mormons also look at Jews becoming religious as a good thing because it means more people are coming closer to God(especially a people that values modesty, prayer, etc!), and they are highly proselytizing. I guess, if they can't convert you to be Mormon, they can at least support your decision to come to God!