Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reason #834 You Know You're Crazy: Hebrew Jewelry

I'm really beginning to hate Hebrew language jewelry.

I received a "chai" (Hebrew for "life") necklace for Conversion 1.0, which is really nice and I enjoy it. However, my necklaces share a chain, and I inevitably forget how to put the chai charm on the chain so that it will face the correct direction. I probably spent 10 minutes in front of the mirror, trying to rotate it in my mind to see if it read correctly. Since it's such a short word, it felt even harder.

About a week later, I realized that I had chosen wrong.

You know what's awesome about living in a very small Jewish community? Only 1 out of 500 people I see regularly knows the difference!


  1. Can't go wrong with the good ol' magen david. The symmetry makes it so no way is incorrect! lol

  2. I do the same thing with one chain and multiple pendants.

    What I do is I put my chai pendant on the table in front of me so it's facing the correct way for me to read it while it's lying there. Then I put my chain out along the top of the pendant with the latch on my left. Then I string the chain through the pendant loop with the latch on my left. That way, when I pick it up I can latch it with my right hand and the pendant is facing the correct way.

    I guess you'd put the latch on the other side if you're left-handed.

  3. Susan, I love your idea! Sure enough, this was posted yesterday, and today I dropped the necklace and the pendant fell off again!

    The friend that corrected my mistake gave me great advice: the end of the word should be towards my left arm!