Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reason #35 You Know You're Crazy: Carrying Dog Poop on Shabbat

Reason #35 You Know You're Crazy:

I was SO ready to move inside the eruv because I learned out how to walk the dog without breaking Shabbat, but there's no way to get around picking up the dog poop and carrying it to the trash. (As required by law, apartment community rules, common decency, and angry neighbors.) Being the crazy conversion candidate that I am, I convinced myself that I would be a terrible person if I didn't pick up the poop and that it would make my neighbors hate Jews (be a chilul Hashem), so I just accepted that I had to violate Shabbat by carrying the poop to the trash until I could move into the eruv.

That was the summer of the most guilt-ridden poop bags ever. Of course, I moved into the eruv into a place that has a backyard, so there's not even a need for poop bags on Shabbat anymore! Hrmph! All that crazy for nothing.

In retrospect, this story is just hilarious to me. I think this moral dilemma ranks in the Top 5 Most Hilarious Internal Debates of my life. I hope it also gave you a good chuckle. But just wait, you'll have something just like this!

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  1. You think DOG poop is bad??? What about cloth diapers? Even with an eiruv, you shouldn't transport used cloth diapers on Shabbat because there is zero chance you're going to reuse them (carrying in an eiruv is permitted for Shabbat-use things only). So you have to leave them at your host's house (or at shul) and collect them later - Ding dong! "Hi, I'm here for the poopy diaper." :-)))