Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just wanted to share an article...

Here's a really wonderful article by Rucheli: The Back of the Bus.

For those of you who don't know, there are some buses in Israel (and a couple in America) that segregate men and women. I knew that it had to do with tznius, but thought it had more to do with avoiding accidental touching between the sexes. I didn't realize it had to do with those who have the minhag to avoid learning Torah in front of women (we're very distracting in our cuteness, which is not the most ridiculous argument for secular folks who stop and think about it)!

But in general, a great article about kindness, avoiding embarrassing people, and then applying that idea to your own life in a very thoughtful way. And I learned a lot!

Yasher koach, Rucheli!


  1. Thanks for the post! :) Very glad you enjoyed it!

    It does very much have to do with Tznius, but besides the fact that we women are too holy for them (of course), tznius also exists because of the fact that men get distracted ;)

  2. Hey, the mechitza is there for me just as much for the men! Hah! Minus the initial confusion and "humphf!", I'd probably really like the segregated buses!