Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reason #84 You Know You're Crazy: Orthodox Conversion is EXPENSIVE!

Reason #84 You Know You're Crazy:

An Orthodox Conversion is EXPENSIVE.

Really. My conservative conversion cost me nothing other than one required paperback book for my Introduction to Judaism class. I think I bought it on for 5 bucks.

To get to my first meeting with an orthodox beit din, I spent approximately $1,000 for a 25 hour trip.

$300 Application fee
$350 Last minute flight (They could see me within 2 weeks, and I jumped at the chance!)
$85 Hotel room
$75 Charge for a different hotel room because my reservation was screwed up (still fighting that one!)
$30 Airport parking for "2" days
$84 Dog boarding for "2" days
$95 Lost wages for missing a shift of work at two jobs
3 classes missed

...And they told me I should be working with a different beit din.

But at least they gave me a reading list, so I've been working through that list ever since. I dropped about $350 later that day on books (and I got a great deal from a VERY awesome and kind rabbi!). I was frustrated at the time, but it has actually worked out quite well, minus the financial costs. I haven't been able to afford a personal meeting with the new beit din yet, so I'll be meeting them in December. But I'll be much closer to them next May!

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