Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mandatory Introduction

Here is the mandatory introduction.

As any Jewish convert/convert-in-progress knows, when you're converting to Judaism, sometimes you just wanna know you're not crazy.

This will hopefully help keep me accountable to my learning, as well as sharing those funny little moments when you wonder if you're crazy. Disclaimer: in all areas of my life, I tend to attract the most insane situations, so I have no doubt that my conversion process has been even crazier than normal people. Perhaps this makes me a good example because if I'm not crazy, then you CERTAINLY aren't crazy! (I promise you aren't. Well, you probably are, but not in the "bad" way.)

In summary: You're not crazy. I'm not crazy. But funny/insane stuff happens. And I need a place to share my Jewish thoughts with like minds.

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