Sunday, March 25, 2018

Who Doesn't Love an Inspirational Story?

When talking about conversion, it's easy to focus on the bad stuff, the challenging stuff, the frustrating stuff, the embarrassing stuff. I mean, that's really kind of the point of this blog: helping you through those points to make them less painful. Inspiration and warm fuzzies isn't my strength. I haven't been criticized as a Negative Nancy for nothing. 

But you know who's got inspiration and warm fuzzies aplenty? This guy! No really. This was such a great story to read, though there is no shortage of pain and frustration involved. But he has such a positive vibe and outlook. Kol hakavod and good luck on your conversion! (May it be smooth and fulfilling! And remember: don't judge Judaism by the Jews. We're imperfect humans, and we will let you down sometimes.)

Excerpt: "As a child in ‘one of the world's most anti-Semitic countries,’ Dr. Shadman Zaman was taught to hate Israel. But after his grandfather encouraged him to read about Judaism and the Jewish people, he became an ardent Zionist and the first citizen to visit Israel with a Bangladeshi passport. Today, as a pro-Israel activist living in Britain, he fights anti-Semitism and hopes to make aliyah one day."

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  1. I'm glad to see you back blogging again. I followed your conversion blog during your conversion process and I still check in from time to time. We're going on year 7 of our process and it's good to see someone on the other side and thriving.