Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Practical Judaism" Class Starting January 8 at Kesher Israel in DC

Are you a conversion candidate or baal teshuva or potential baal teshuva in the DC area? Or can you get to Kesher Israel in DC one evening a week? Here's a great class for you! And it's FREE!

I'm afraid I can't find a link to more information, but this is the announcement I received:

"Are you curious about the easy way to kasher a kitchen, reheat food for a shabbat meal, navigate a prayerbook, or understand what's going on at life-cycle events? David Barak will teach Practical Judaism on Thursday evenings from 7:30-8:30 (after ma'ariv), including these and many other topics of interest to folks who are new to observance. The first class is January 8th. Like all classes offered by the Dr. H. Harold Gelfand Memorial Institute of Adult Education, there is no fee and no need to register or attend every session. Hope to see you there!"

Go forth and learn!


  1. Why are people converting to Judaism when anti-Semitism is reaching levels that reminding us of Europe around 1938 to 1939 CE?

    Last week a kosher grocery store in Paris was attacked by Islamic terrorists, and Jewish-owned businesses in the USA are starting to become targets of Muslims.

  2. I'm not close - But, It's sure Good to Know. thank you