Thursday, September 18, 2014

Round Two of "Orthodox Women Talk" is Up!

Thanks to readers like you, last week's Orthodox Women Talk panel was very successful! Question #2 is up now:

Orthodox Women Talk 

The Question: How does one prep or enjoy Shabbos with young children/while working full time/on long Shabbos afternoons?

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  1. Working mom Shabbat prep:

    1. Make chicken soup in slow cooker ahead of time.
    2. Buy unbaked frozen challahs. Pull out of the freezer to defrost in the morning before work, bake as soon as I get home.
    3. Marinate chicken ahead of time, it goes into the oven as soon as I get home.
    4. Fish goes into the oven as soon as the challah comes out.
    5. I get cleaning help on Fridays.
    6. I buy hummus and other dips earlier in the week, or make them ahead of time.
    7. Kids set the table. My youngest makes an Israeli salad, my husband makes fruit salad. It's easier when everyone helps.

    For Shabbat itself
    - living near others who observe Shabbat and are available for playdates is priceless
    - books, cards and board games, esp. on vacation
    - cuddles and talks with the kids
    - longer Shabbat afternoons correspond to nicer weather here, so we go for long walks