Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Page: The Test

As promised, the new and improved "conversion test" is posted! I took it down almost a year ago, but before then, the test was the number one search engine path to this blog. Hopefully you newbies will find something on the blog worth staying for after you've seen the test!

It is very long, and it may make you wet your pants in fear. But don't be afraid. You got this.


  1. Even though that page is intense, and intimidating, and someone on Tumblr described it as being closer to the test for semicha than for geirus (haha), I still love and appreciate it. Because it makes me realize how very far I have come. <3

    - Chana, giyoret-in-training

    1. LOL... could you give me the link to that post? I'd love to read it. I looked on Tumblr but didn't see it. I've never used Tumblr before, so I probably messed it up.

  2. -- here is one of the links and you can see the conversation :-) (I'm koleliana!).

    - Chana (G-in-T)