Monday, December 13, 2010

Management Update: Expanded the Mandatory Disclosures

Mandatory Disclaimers:

(1) I am not a rabbi. I am certainly no halachic source. I'm not even in a formal learning program right now, so my resources are my congregational rabbi, great friends (including an informal tutor and a couple of orthodox rabbis), and my own research, usually online.

(2) I talk a lot about psychology. For the record, I've never taken a single psychology-related course. My knowledge comes from a fine liberal arts education and a penchant for people watching. So any crackpot theory (or revolutionary one!) is entirely my own creation.

(3) And for good measure, I am not (yet) a lawyer, and nothing I say should be taken as secular legal advice.

And this has been said before, but there's no point in not reminding you while I have your attention: I personally moderate all comments. This will often result in at least a short delay before you will see your comment posted and sometimes a longer delay if I'm particularly busy (or traveling). Given how quickly and easily these kinds of discussions can devolve into something unproductive and full of trolls, I decided this was the best way to go. However, you've all been wonderful, and I've only ever rejected one comment, and that was for spamming.

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