Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reason #2,421 You Know You're Crazy: Judaism Makes You Go to Law School

Reason #2,421 You Know You're Crazy:

You decide you'd like law school because you really like Talmud-based classes. And then you actually go to law school.


  1. I never went to Talmudic classes before going to law school, so can't vouch.

    Amazing if that is what brought you to our most noble of professions. It was a big mouth and attraction to money that lured me.

  2. Unfortunately, my year was the last one to enter law school with delusions of jobs after graduation!

    As a lawyer, you'd appreciate the other half of the story! I was taking some political science classes my first senior year because I was thinking about becoming a diplomat with the Foreign Service, and a girl told me I'd make a great lawyer. I thought she was trying to insult me! I told my rabbi, and then he told me that a legal education was basically what we had been studying in classes involving the Talmud! I was hooked!